Difference Between Magnetic Resonance of MRI MRA and MRV

Your primary care doctor suggested it for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), or for magnetic resonance venography (MRV) of your head. These techniques use a magnetic field, radio waves and a PC to create point-to-point images, which our group of master doctors can use to recognize solid tissue from diseased tissue. The MRA and MRV are explicitly intended to examine your veins.

Magnetic resonance imaging, MRI

The general term for most MRI scans. For this situation, the specialist mentioned that a scan of the whole head should be done to look for any irregularity in the whole.

Magnetic resonance angiography, MRA

MRA represents magnetic resonance angiography. It is a particular type of MRI test that allows doctors to take a look at the courses, without seeing all the tissues that line it. It may be necessary to infuse a different material, depending on the specific vessels being examined.

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Magnetic resonance venography, MRV

MRV represents magnetic resonance venography. It is a particular type of magnetic resonance imaging that scans the veins without the underlying tissues being obvious. This test will usually require an injection of a different material to improve the perception of the veins.

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