Medical Internship


Medical Internship

If you are looking for a medical internship then DoctifyIndia helps you to make your profile visible among top recruiters.

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Medical Internship

A medical intern is a physician in training who has graduated from medical school and has a medical degree but does not yet have a license to practice medicine unsupervised. Medical education generally ends with a period of practical training which is similar to an internship, but the way the overall program of academic and practical medical training is structured differs from region to region.

medical internship

How DoctifyIndia helps you?

DoctifyIndia provides medical internships to thousands of medical students. Our company is linked with more than thirty-five medical institutes throughout India. We are committed to provide medical internship services to all graduated students and take intense care in carrying out all the formalities with utmost care and perfection. In this way, we are benefitting both the employers as well as the job seekers.

medical internship
medial internship

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