A Surgeon’s Mental State While Operation of A Family Member in Operation Theatre

It’s very easy to judge a person. As humans, we tend to say that a Surgeon is a professional, and it does not matter who is lying in front of him or her. He will do the same job. But this is a very wrong concept. They are also human and do love their close ones. And this affects their emotions when they are to operate someone close to them in the operation theatre, be it a close friend or any family member, the one they love unconditionally.

Many reports have been proof that even the best surgeons in the world have denied doing the surgery of their closed ones in the operation theatre. They often request their colleagues or some other surgeon to do the surgery. Many even do not be in the operation theatre where the operation is being done.

According to many surveys and reports, we concluded that everybody gets emotional when it comes to their loved ones or someone close to them. Many people will say that they are not good professionals and do not treat other patients like their loved ones. Now let me talk with an example; we can never deny that when someone close to us gets a single cut, how our heart sinks. Now you can easily imagine the mental state of a person who needs to cut someone very close to him or her with his own hands and at the same time has to be so cautious so that something does not happen to the patients and he or she recovers very fast.

Doctify India always salutes the heroes of this field. I tried to tell you the state of mind of someone cutting his dear one with his own hands. The ones who allow his consciousness of controlling his or her heart and operating someone close. But no one other than the person himself will know the state of mind in the Operation Theatre.

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