Psoriasis disease signs, symptoms, and remedies

People have to face various types of skin problems in their lives. Pimples in teenagers is very common and skin infection or rashes are faced by many people. But one more disease mainly “psoriasis” which is somewhat looking like a fungal infection. Therefore, in this article, we study psoriasis and its risk factor.

Psoriasis disease and its types:-

Psoriasis is a skin disease in which the affected person’s body becomes red with some rashes & patches in a certain area. With a lot of itching. This problem is caused due to unnecessarily multiplication of skin cells because of some problems which we discuss later. This disease mainly triggers knees, elbows, and scalps.

Types of psoriasis disease:-

1. Plaque psoriasis- This psoriasis common in most people. In this red and silver patches are developed on the skin.

2. Guttate psoriasis- In this small red or pink spots are shown on arms or legs. this is common in childhood.

3.Pustular psoriasis- This is a more adverse situation in which “pus is filled”.

4. Inverse psoriasis- Psoriasis develops in skin fold like breast, genitals, etc.

5. Erythrodermic psoriasis- This is severe and very rare. In this, almost all the skin gets affected.

Psoriasis disease is caused by:-

(I) Due to the environment

(II) Genetics

(III) Mainly caused by the immune system in many cases because WBC starts attacking itself.

(IV) A lot of stress

(V) Alcohol

(VI) Infection

(VII) Some medicine

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(I) Red and inflamed skin

(II) Some silver patches appear

(III) Itching and burning

(IV) Bleeding because of dry skin

(VI) Painful

(VII) Swollen joints


(I) Moisture skin

(II) Avoid any harmful substance to be used on the skin

(III) Take sunlight

(IV) Avoid alcohol

(V) Take a lukewarm water bath

(VI) Consult doctor

Psoriasis is a problem by which a person not easily get rid of. So, be patient, when it completes the cycle then only it stops and starts decreasing and if you want a specialist doctor in this case then right away consult Doctify India because this platform provides you all types of doctors on your mobile phone only.

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