Physiological Process of Aging and Wellness

Aging is a physiological process of getting old that leads to senescence (i.e., the State of deterioration with age).

The word aging sounds similar to another word of the same kind, which is “age” or the no. of years a specific someone has lived since they are born. But is aging all about it? Is it just about the number? That’s a NO.

Yeah, indeed, several changes occur constantly in a human’s body after a certain age. From greying hair to sagging and wrinkling of the skin, it all signifies that you have become old or maybe just in the mid of the process. Yet, it’s not just about the numbers.

We can see all these external signs of aging. But along with it, one’s body internally declines. It involves abnormal functioning of internal organs, weakening bones, especially the spinal cord, slight to majorly stopped posture, joint pain, and on and on.

The physiological process of aging consists of 5 stages, and it goes from Independence to Interdependence, to Dependency, to Crisis Management, to the End of Life. Thus, these are the ones where a person should be taken care of. And that is known as Aging Wellness.

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It requires practicing healthy habits that wouldn’t only make one physically fit, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually sound and stable. Some frequent practices that you can make so stay fine could be-

  • Exercising regularly but less vigorously.
  • Taking care of one’s skin.
  • Following a healthy diet chart that includes all the needed vitamins and minerals.
  • Taking care of yourself emotionally, by talking to your loved ones or practicing meditation.
  • Sleep well and consume water adequately.

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