Post Graduation in Germany

Post Graduation in Germany
Germany, other names for which is the Federal Republic of Germany, German Deutschland or Bundesrepublik Deutschland, is a country of north-central Europe. Being the most populated nation in the European Union, since reunification it holds one of the largest economies in the world and has grown steadily in the International community. Berlin is the capital of Germany. The official language is German and more than 50% of Germans speak English as a second language. It follows the Grundgesetz constitutional law. The Federal Chancellor and 15 Federal Ministers constitute the Federal Government and the cabinet. The Chancellor, the nation’s leading political figure, is the Head of the Government while the Chief of State is the Federal President has a more ceremonial role. Home to over 80 million people, Germany’s diversity lies in its vast range of traditions, customs, and religions. It’s well known for its long. German culture is known for its timeliness and order that still is given high priority in most parts of German society. The country takes pride in its motor vehicles and is the birthplace for companies like Audi, Porsche, BMW, and more. One of the lowest in Europe, the average working week is around 5-40 hours. Germany is home to many worldwide ranked universities, 48 in total, and a vast number of courses to choose from. In recent years Germany has become an attraction for higher studies and is attracting international students from all over the world. It’s a student-friendly country with affordable or, as in most public universities, no Tuition fees. The numbers of foreign students seeking admission in Germany are steadily increasing. A survey conducted by Studying-in revealed that 35.3% preferred Germany for its free-tuition higher education. Another 29.3% choose to study in Germany because of its high-quality faculty. An increase in applications is being seen because of an increased number of programs in the English Language.

Medical Post Graduation in Germany

Germany is known for its world-class healthcare infrastructure meaning students get the opportunity to train with advanced equipment. There are many medical universities in Germany teaching the entire MBBS course completely free of tuition fees or at an affordable price. However, the roadmap to medical Post Graduation in Germany is ruled by the council responsible for the medical body of Germany and the medical universities have no role in it. An entire roadmap right up to Postgraduate medicine is smooth if you are a graduate of an MBBS in Germany. However, if you are going for an MD level directly after MBBS in India, it throws challenges in terms of language learning which is the most important step when it comes to medical residency in Germany for non-EU students and the clarity in the system. Our advice to the MBBS aspirants in India is to choose from the ranked medical university in Germany for a perfect career build-up right up to PG level, RWTH Aachen University, and Freie Universitat Berlin being among the best to choose from. The total duration of PG is 5 years with super specializations available.
Post Graduation in Germany
Post Graduation in Germany

Education Quality in Germany

The education system in Germany is one of the most well renowned both in terms of its quality as well as affordability. thus the public education system makes it possible for students from any financial background to achieve higher education. In terms of medicine, the country also provides education from some of the most prestigious universities across the world. The courses provided within the field comprise a wide range of options for the students so that they can find the one which is the most suitable for them. just like in several fields and especially in a field like medicine practical knowledge is imperative and hence german medical schools are equipped with high-quality modern laboratories. Moreover, the schooling system within Germany is quite rigorous and thus results in a very high standard of education in order to produce some of the best professionals in the world. hence, students are thoroughly examined to offer them a comprehensive educational experience.

● Gynecology and Obstetrics
● Medicine (All Branch)
● Rural Health Care
● Community Health Care
● Ophthalmology
● Optometry
● Orthopedics
● Pathology
● Dermatology
● Clinical Research
● Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy
● General Surgery
● Medical Record Technology
● Medical Imaging Technology
● Medical Lab Technology
● Neuro Surgery
● Physiotherapy
● Traumatology & Surgery
● Cardiology
● Anesthesiology
● Child Health (Paediatrics
● Radio Diagnosis/Radiology

Eligibility criteria must be met for doing Post Graduation in Germany.

● You must have completed your MBBS or Equivalent courses.
● You must be registered as an MBBS doctor in any country.
● Normally, the MBBS courses are considered the same as German MBBS degree
● Excellent spoken and written English skills

● Germany’s world-class healthcare system
● It means that you will have the opportunity of training in state-of-the-art modern infrastructure
● Germany has advanced equipment for Post Graduation options
● There are no tuition fees required for Post Graduation course in Germany
● 3.5-5 years of medical training (Depend on Specialty)
● Clinical on the work training (OWT) at approved medical institutions
● A generous monthly stipend (up to 5500 Euro per month)
● Students are awarded as “Facharzt” at the end of the training
● High chance of getting Permanent German Residency
● Approval to do Medical Operations sanctioned by the hospitals
● After the completion of the course, the students are awarded “Facharzt.”
● It means a specialist or consultant
● Indian food available at the universities
● Post Graduation universities in German offer hostel facilities.
● Students are exposed to the modern culture and heritage of the place


How to Apply

To apply for a medicine degree in Germany students need to go through the entry requirements of the university of their choice since different universities have different sets of requirements. If the applicant is an international student they need to ensure that their previous educational qualifications meet these criteria. Since medical schools are highly competitive it is important to score higher in the particular degree that the applicant is planning to apply for. German language proficiency is also something that is required in a vast majority of the medical schools in Germany since that’s the language that the course is taught in. Moreover, there are certain universities that require additional entrance examinations so if a student wants to apply for those universities they need to prepare for those examinations as well. Most universities have a deadline of 15 July for the upcoming winter session and 15 January for the upcoming summer session. The admission procedure can be difficult for people with not much information and incorrect direction especially when it needs to be planned in advance. The language barrier can be challenging, especially for people applying for medical Post Graduation in Germany. The counselors and experts at Doctify India can help and guide you to make the right choice with their years of experience in the field and valuable connections.

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Post Graduation in Germany

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