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About Pharmaceutical Assistance

Pharmaceutical Assistance is a set of measures for promoting, protecting, and recovering collective and individual health, with medicines as an essential element directing to guarantee access to and rational use. These measures are to promote research, development, and production of drugs and supplies, as well as their selection, programming, procurement, distribution, prescription, dispensing, quality assurance of products and services, monitoring and evaluation of their use, in the view of achieving solid results and improved quality of life.

Pharmaceutical Assistance is characterized by measures linked to each other, which are executed in chronological order. As dependent on each other, the inappropriate execution of one phase affects the other and undermines the aim and results of the entire chain.


1. Medication and supplies selection

2. Programming; consumption estimates

3. Financing and acquisition; supplier qualification

4. Storing/ storage for distribution

5. Transportation/ distribution

6. Prescription/ sanitary necessity

7. Dispensing to the patient pharmaceutical care

8. Patient use

9. Assessment of results, pharmacoepidemiology; surveillance; clinical effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical Assistance components

There are three main components in which pharmaceutical is categorized:

Points of distinction Basic Specialized Strategic 

Meaning Essential medicines and supplies Medicines and the comprehensive care Medicines for the epidemic and endemic diseases

Target Assistance to the most prevalent diseases Treatment of diseases affecting a limited number of users.

Drugs used in later stages of treatment

For example, treatment for the epidemic and endemic diseases include HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis, hanseniasis, malaria, leishmaniasis, and the Chagas disease.

Scope Primary health care in the outpatient setting.

The Primary health care units, the family health program

Treatment of diseases according to National guidelines.

The patient must comply with inclusion criteria.

Control strategy focuses on treating the patients

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Difference between Pharmaceutical Assistance and Pharmaceutical Care

Pharmaceutical Assistance is often linked to Pharmaceutical Care. The main difference is related to their target. In Pharmaceutical Assistance, the measures focus on access to and proper use of medicines, even if the final beneficiary is not the patient. Pharmaceutical Care refers to care straight away addressed to the patient. As it reckoned as to the rational use of medicines, Pharmaceutical Care can be considered an element of Pharmaceutical Assistance.

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