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About Online Jobs For MBBS Doctors

In this article, we will get to know about online jobs for doctors. Details about the online websites, their salaries, types of online jobs, best remote jobs, etc. without wasting time let’s jump into the topic of online jobs for MBBS doctors.

Best Remote Jobs for Doctors:


Telemedicine is on the top list when it comes to remote jobs for doctors. The number of opportunities for telemedicine is high, and the nature of work is expanding.

There are many ways to practice telemedicine, such as full-time telemedicine physicians, as a side gig, and as part of a medical practice that’s primarily brick and mortar. Telemedicine takes care of children by instructing their mothers.

There are many types of telepsychiatry, teleradiology, teledermatology, and remote neurological and ICU monitoring.

Telemedicine jobs are good if the person is comfortable learning new technology and ERHs or if the person wants to continue patient care as your main activity and if the person doesn’t mind juggling multiple state medical licenses.

2.Utilization view:

After telemedicine, chart review jobs are a more popular option for doctors. It is used to change the career. This job is rewarding and flexible. It pays at a satisfactory level. Mostly it is a part-time job, but sometimes it comes with full-time as well.

Utilization review physicians are mainly responsible for reviewing outpatient services and hospitalizations for medical necessity or appropriate level of care.

The doctors in this community also are involved in peer-to-peer calls with clinicians, medical policy development, quality initiatives, and serving as a medical resource for the company’s clinical term.

3.Medical writing and communications:

Medical writing jobs are easy because they can be done from home. It has a large percentage because of its flexibility. It has very high demand because many companies hire different medical writers, including medical communications agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical education providers. One can enjoy writing and can work flexibly.

4.Pharmaceutical medical affairs:

Field-based medical affairs teams, which include medical science liaisons(MSLs). These are made up of scientists and clinicians of diverse backgrounds. These include PhDs, MDs, PharmDs, NPs, and more.

MSLs are responsible for providing clinical and scientific information to healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, and payor communities.

5.Physician advising:

A hospital or hospital system typically employs physician advisors, and most are required to work on-site. These doctors work across healthcare organizations by communicating best practices for evidence-based care and its documentation to providers and other clinical staff.

These doctors are also involved in denial management, documentation best practices, utilization of resources, medical necessity, etc.

6.Clinical research services:

CROs, defined as contract research organizations, are independent companies that conduct clinical trials to objectively evaluate investigational drugs. Some companies also offer medical affairs, drug safety, and other services for pharmaceutical companies.

Few examples include PAREXEL, IQVIA, and PRA health resources.

7.Business consulting:

Business consulting provides various consulting firms, including healthcare consulting, management consulting, and health IT is consulting. Business consulting may be academic or community hospitals, healthcare payors, government facilities, or other organizations.


These seven remote physician jobs are just a sample of ways one can take to get away from a hospital, clinic, or office. There are more pretty jobs which can be available for work from home.


Mainly there are three ways that a doctor can make money online. Instead of going to the hospital and spending more than 7 to 8 hours, patients become overwhelmed by the doctors. The best ways are virtual doctor, YouTube channel, and health/Dr blog.

Virtual doctor:

Virtual doctors or online doctors can deliver healthcare services through the internet and prescribe drugs through video consultation. There are many websites or sources to connect and learn virtual doctor courses.


Sharing the thoughts and healthcare videos on YouTube. Giving tips, advice to the patients through videos.

The skills required are SEO, video editing/commission.


Writing blogs for the related topics and streams. Answering the set of questions that are posted. Answering the questions which have a high searched volume.

The skills required are SEO, writing skills, understanding of interest.

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These are the major ways where doctors can make money online easily and effectively.

Online Medical Jobs For Doctors:6 Websites Where You Can Apply:

It is very difficult for a doctor to work from home. Without direct interaction with the patient, but the following websites will help to reach the problems of patients effectively.

1.Virtual medical group:

It is a US-based online consultation platform. Here patients can seek guidance from professionals. They call it Telehealth. One can work part-time or full-time. Payment will be done weekly.

2.American well:

It is another telehealth company that hires professional medical experts to work with them online. It allows for a video call facility between patient and doctor.


It is an online healthcare medical app, where doctors can join and do the online practice. A doctor can clear the patient’s queries and can answer them through the app.


It is an online counseling platform where patients can get online counseling services 24/7. Doctors can provide their services through android or iOS mobile phones.


It is an online diagnosis and treatment platform which offers medical services 24/7. Here, patients have to book an appointment and doctors can consult them.


SERMO is one of the biggest social networks of doctors. It has over 80,000 verified physicians from different countries. They will answer all the queries posted in the group.

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Study Medicine Online:

Distance learning was rapidly increasing and everyone is showing interest in it. Instead of direct interaction with the teachers, everyone is showing interest in online classes or distance learning.

Benefits of studying medicine online:


The fees and tuition costs for online academic institutions are less when compared with colleges.


Since these online programs can be accessible 24/7, so students can learn in their free time.

3.Skills development:

These courses will improve the skills and it is useful for the students to enhance their skills.


The top healthcare degrees for doctors are :

  • Physician assistant studies
  • Advanced practice registered to nurse
  • Healthcare administration
  • Health informatics
  • Physical therapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Nuclear medical technology
  • Diagnostic medical sonography
  • Registered nursing
  • Magnetic resonance imaging technology
  • Dietetics and nutrition
  • Medical laboratory technology
  • Licensed practical and licensed vocational nursing

Salaries Of Doctor Jobs::

  1. Radiology doctor->420000-450000
  2. Radiologist doctor->850000-4570000
  3. Medical oncologist doctor->1310000-3340000
  4. Veterinary doctor->180000-240000
  5. Doctor Gynecologist->230000-330000
  6. Ayurveda doctor->250000-660000

Medical Jobs From Home:

Generally, doctors will work in hospitals or offices. But there are some jobs which they can work from home comfortably. Let us have a look into work from home jobs.


It is a rapidly growing field, where nurses can work from home and guide the patients for prescribed medicines. Work from home nurse jobs includes:

  • Telephone triage nurse
  • Case management
  • Legal nurse consultant
  • Healthcare recruiter
  • Project manager
  • Nurse manager
  • Health IT/nursing informatics specialist

2.Medical transcriptionists:

It requires fast typing skills and accurate skills. Though training is not always required, most companies hiring medical transcriptionists prefer that their employees have certification and experience in the medical field.

3.Medical coders and billers:

Insurance companies hire medical coders and billers to process paperwork from doctor’s offices and hospitals.

4.Medical call centers:

While many medical call center jobs are for registered nurses, there are some medical-related customer services positions available for LPNs and others with professional medical backgrounds, such as physician assistants.

5.Consulting or traveling physicians:

Physicians who want to work from home will most likely find part-time, supplemental positions through full-time telecommuting jobs for doctors. Insurance and research companies hire physicians for a variety of non-clinical positions, which may allow telecommuting.

And there are some more like pharmacists, insurance agents, medical illustrators, writers, and editors.

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