Requirement For Staff Nurse Job In India

About Nurse Job: 

With the development of medical facilities in India, the staff nurse job has increased immensely. There is always an ever-increasing demand for trained staff nurses in healthcare institutions – both government and private. Staff Nurse job is one of the pillars of the Medical and Healthcare systems functioning in the country. They are dedicated and committed to serve and care ill and injured people. A staff nurse knows how to push an injection, set up saline, and maintain the patient’s medical records to check his/her medical performance. The staff nurse’s job is to take proper care of the patient and check if the doctor’s directions are being implemented. A staff nurse’s job also consists of administering medicines & injections, conduct follow-up check-ups, and cater to the patient’s overall recovery.

Under the nursing courses after 12th, the student not only studies to take care of the patients but also learns to take precautionary measures for healthy patients. After graduating from a nursing college, the student can apply to join any private or government hospitals, orphanages, community health centers, nursing homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics, industries, sanatoriums, armed forces, or wherever there is a staff nurse job. According to their eligibility, nursing courses in India are awarded various degrees, and students are judged on previous academic records according to their eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria for a nurse course

There are no restrictions for students irrespective of their academic background (Science, Commerce, or Arts) to apply for staff nurse job courses after the 12th class as there are various nursing degrees in India that students can take up after passing the 12th class. Students can check for which course he or she is eligible to apply at.

The different nursing courses available after the 12th class are degrees like GNM, ANM, B.Sc. nursing, and many more. Among these courses, nursing is the most popular and the first preference of medical aspirants. These courses are designed to address various needs for the Nursing profession, and a 12th pass student can join them if he/ she qualifies the required eligibility criteria.

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Different types of nurse jobs and their average salary

Nurse job Average salary

  • Staff Nurse Job 2.5 lakhs rupees per annum
  • Staff Nurse supervisor 4.5 lakhs rupees per annum
  • Staff Nursing educator four lakhs rupees per annum
  • Psychologist 7 lakhs rupees per annum
  • Manager 7.5 lakhs rupees per annum

Skills required for a nurse job

(I) A nurse should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
(II) A nurse should have advanced knowledge needed based on the area of specialization.
(III) A nurse should know the scope of nursing practice laid by the state board of nursing.

How Doctify India helps in nurse hiring

Doctify India deals with more than 35 companies that hire thousands of nurses throughout India. The top recruiters for staff nurses’ jobs are mostly Hospitals, Medical Research Centres, pharmaceuticals, and many more. The list of top hiring companies where nurse jobs are available

  • Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd
  • CK Birla hospital for women
  • Cribs Hospital
  • Medanta (medical institution)
  • Hiranandani hospital

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