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About medical faculty and staff hiring

Hospitals and other medical institutions employ numerous types of professionals which consists of professional doctors, staff nurse, lecturer, assistant professor, senior resident doctor, junior resident doctor and other medical faulty. Hospitals and other medical institutions hire both clinical and nonclinical medical faculty and staff to care for patients and keep the hospital running smoothly.

Medical faculty and staff hiring need

The hiring of the right people is of great importance to the success of the hospital and other medical institutions and its ability and capacity to maintain the adequacy of the staff. The hiring process is done on the predetermined policies and guidelines that ensure that hospitals and other medical institutions hire the best people based on merit and that the hiring process is free, fair, and transparent. The hiring policies and procedure must also ensure that the hospital and other medical institutions comply with the various rules and regulations such as labor laws and regulations of that place. Jobs for medical faculty and staff are in high demand because people are always in need of health care and treatment of various diseases. Hospitals have to hire numerous people in both patient care and business positions to operate effectively. The perks of working in a hospital include:

Different types of jobs profile

There are many different types of roles played by anesthesiologists doctors, some of them are:

1. Lecturer For Medical College/ Institutions:
 Medicine lecturers are subject professors, teachers, or lecturers, and often doctors who give instruction to students who have obtained an upper secondary education diploma in their own specialized field of study, medicine, which is prominently academic in nature. They work with their institution research assistants and institution teaching assistants for the preparation of lectures and exams, for grading papers and exams, for leading laboratory practices, and for leading review and feedback sessions for the students. They also conduct academic research in their respective field of medicine, publish their findings and collaborate with other university colleagues.

 2. Assistant Professor For Medical College/Institutions: An Assistant Professor is a professional who is responsible for assisting the professor and overviewing the different aspects of teaching such as preparing lessons, managing courses, lecturing, and facilitating learning. Assistant Professor enjoys a good salary package in India. The salary of assistant professors depends upon many aspects like:

  • Place/ Location
  • Type of the Organization
  • Experience

In India, the Professors or Lecturers can get the highest payment from the institutes like AIIMS, BHU, and many more.

3. Resident Doctor For Medical College/ Institutions: A Resident Doctor is commonly someone who already has a basic medical graduate degree and is now working for a post-graduate degree like MD, MS. They typically spend around three years as Resident doctors before they get their Specialization in the branch chosen. Then, some may pursue clinical posts for few more months after specialization to gain more experience, however, they are still called Residents. Not all the resident doctors are pursuing their MD / MS. Some might be not actively pursuing or not registered officially for MD / MS. They are doing these professions as a matter of interest or for gaining more experience. These doctors are called residents because they actually live on the hospital campus itself and are available twenty-four hours a day for any emergency. In India, there are two types of resident doctors:

  • Senior Resident Doctor For Medical College/ Institutions: A senior resident doctor is an individual who has completed their post-graduation degree MD/MS/DNB with three years of junior residency or MBBS with 3 years of experience or a junior resident in a particular department can also become a senior resident. They are specialists and have a high demand throughout the world. Their main job is to do surgical procedures and complex operations.
  • Junior Resident Doctor For Medical College/ Institutions: A junior resident doctor is an individual who has completed his bachelor’s degree in medical and surgical specialties, with a license to practice, and is doing his post-grad course in a specific field. They form the majority of the workforce of any given hospital or medical institution (at least most government institutions). If you have ever seen a doctor who always comes to see you in the ward every morning, takes all your samples, writes all your notes, does all the procedures (except surgeries), and gives you your discharge notes – that is a Junior resident doctor. They are individuals who are in training – they learn patient management under supervision – obviously everyone expects themselves to be treated by a specialist who is super experienced – but it doesn’t always work that way – every junior resident doctor needs their learning too, to be specialists in the future. Remember, that they are licensed practitioners too. OPDs and emergencies are taken care of by them – difficult cases that cannot be handled by them are taken to seniors and consultants. They are also expected to balance both academics and work at the hospital as they also have exams and lectures and seminars and course work to complete – most of which is done late night or early mornings aside from the work time at the hospital.

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