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  • 1983 - 1985
    Madras Institute of Neurology, Chennai Medical College, Chennai. Tamilnadu

    DM (Neurology)

    After completion successfully of MD (Gen. Med) 2years course , Passed out DM (Neurology) 2 years course. Submitted required compulsory dissertation during DM study My Credential are independent skills in clinical neurology such as stroke, epilepsy, CNS infections, Demyelinating disorders including Multiple Sclerosis. Application of radiological study i( CT, MRI, MRA) n appropriate cases and ability independently to radiological diagnosis. Ability to do electrophysiologica such as EMG, NCV, Visual Evoked Potential and also in Encephalolectography (EEG)l. Ability to do Lumbar Puncture independently in various conditions such as CNS infections, Multiple Sclerosis and allied CNS demyelinating disorders as well as peripheral demyelinating diseases such as Gullain- Barre Sendrome and peripheral neuropathies. In addition having experience in doing EMG for diagnosing Myasthenia Gravis etc.


  • 1987 - 1889
    under Tamilnadu Government Medical Service (Directorate of Medical Education)

    consultant neurologist

    In Tamilnadu, India
    Daily in-patients rounds and attending twice a week in neurolkogy OPD of various type neurological cases
    Doing CT and MRI. Experience in EEG, EMG NCV and EP. Also doing lumbar puncture. ( 2 years)

    In Abroad (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
    Consultant status with daily wards rounds including consultations from other specialties. 2 days a week OPD.
    Other descriptions as above mentioned in Tamilnadu India.
    Experience in Saudi Arabia – 29 years
    Total – 31years


Tamil and English

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