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About Sadar Hospital Madhubani

Sadar Hospital, Madhubani is regarded as one of the best healthcare providers in Madhubani. It has been providing remarkable services ever since its inception. Equipped with advanced medical equipment and technologies, it has been constantly achieving milestones in the medical field. It is because of the untiring efforts of the dedicated staff of this healthcare facility such as the doctors, nurses, and support staff that it has been able to grow and make new advancements every single day. The ultimate objective of this healthcare center stands to be better patient care. The establishment enjoys good connectivity with the rest of the city because of its eminent location.

Services offered:

Like any other Government hospital, Sadar Hospital, Madhubani provides all the basic services, ranging from ICU, 24*7 Emergency ward, Treatments related to various fields of the medical domain, including general medicine, dermatology, gynecology, orthopedics, and so on.

Sadar Hospital, Madhubani offers various areas of Medical Science to provide all possible health care services to the patients all under one roof in Madhubani without any hindrance. With the help of the latest and advanced medical techniques, Sadar Hospital, Madhubani has facilitated laboratories and testing rooms to conduct many health-related tests with utmost perfection.

Role of Sadar Hospital, Madhubani during the Pandemic :

As the whole world grapples with coronavirus, Sadar Hospital, Madhubani, has joined the rest to fight the virus and eradicate it completely. It has created additional facilities to accommodate the novel Coronavirus suspects. Isolation wards with adequate medical facilities have been formed so that there is no room for treatment delays in this time of emergency. Sufficient medical facilities are available for all the patients who are tested positive for the virus. This establishment is fully prepared to create more isolation wards in case such a situation arises. The doctors and medical staff are strictly abiding by the directions laid down by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for diagnosing and treating COVID-19 patients. It is being touted as one of the best Coronavirus testing centers in Madhubani, Bihar, owing to its fast and efficient service. It has procured a sufficient number of N95 masks and other essential equipment. It has also taken strict measures so that no one other than the doctors and nurses can enter the isolation ward

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Contact Details :

National Highway 104, Madhubani Ho, Madhubani – 847211 (Near Jaldhari Chowk, Pragati Nagar)

Phone: 06276-227261

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