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About General Surgeon and its job

A doctor that specializes in surgery is known as a general surgeon. They do operations on patients suffering from diseases, injuries, or any other deformities. The general surgeon has a whole team assisting him in the operating room; the team takes care of the preparation and monitoring tasks so that the general surgeon can focus on operating. Apart from having medical knowledge, the other skills that a general surgeon requires are agility, precision, and stamina. Some procedures or operations can be tedious and require long hours. One can train to become a general surgeon and have sub-specialties such as colorectal, breast, endocrine, upper and lower gastrointestinal, kidney and liver transplant, and vascular surgery.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue General Surgeon (MS General Surgery):

To become a General Surgeon, students must fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria to pursue the career of general surgeon:

(I) The candidate must have completed their MBBS from a recognized college/ university of India with an internship of one year.

(II) After that, the aspirants must have to clear the NEET PG or other PG entrance exams which vary from institution to institution for admission in this course.

Top general surgeon (MS General Surgery) colleges in India and their fees

The list of some of the top colleges for general surgeons (MS General Surgery) in India are:

College/ Institution Annual fees
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi 2,027 INR
St John’s Medical college 6,00,000 INR
Kasturba medical college 23,00,000 INR
Jawaharlal institute of postgraduate medical education and research and institute 3810 INR
Lady Hardinge hospital 18,600 INR
King George medical university 77,600 INR
Maulana Azad medical college 86,000 INR
Institute of medical sciences, BHU 20,000 INR

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Why study MS General Surgery, pros and cons of MS general surgery

There are a lot of reasons to study a Masters of Surgery (General Surgeon) course as there is an utmost need for skilled professionals to serve and solve the different problems in the world of medical sciences in India. Most of the medical aspirants prefer to study this course because of the following advantages:

(I) Doctors and general surgeons’ profession are one of the toughest and respectable jobs in the world. 

(II) It is one of the toughest courses in medical studies, yet people pursue this course to treat human beings and practice surgery consisting of surgical pathology and surgery, including traumatology.

(III) Medical students get training in Medical Audit, Management, Health Economics, Health Information System, basics of statistics, exposure to human behavior studies, knowledge of pharmacoeconomic and introduction to nonlinear mathematics shall be imparted to the students.

(IV) Masters of Surgery (General Surgery) creates skills as a self-directed learner, recognizes continuing educational needs, and utilizes appropriate learning resources to practice surgery.

(V) A candidate with a Masters of Surgery (General Surgery) degree is in huge demand since manpower is continuing to get replaced by the systems, and that good experts and professional general surgeons are there to operate and function in hospitals.

(VI) There is an opportunity for medical aspirants to go for higher studies, too like MD, to add an extra edge and update their skills & experience, which leads to career development in the field of medical sciences.

There are many pros of MS general surgery, but there are some cons of it as well

(I) It would be best if you had a super specialty degree to earn decent money in metro cities, or you have to massively invest and fight tooth and nail to break even as a general surgeon and become a professional surgeon.

(II) Surgery is an emergency branch, so your patients need you 24 X 7, so you have to available anytime, whether it’s noon or midnight.

The average salary of a general surgeon

A general surgeon gets an attractive salary throughout the whole world. A general surgeon will get the salary depending upon your experience, job location, and job profile.

In India, the salary of an entry-level general surgeon is roughly around Rs. 9 lakhs per year. A mid-career general surgeon with 5-10 years of work experience can earn approximately Rs12 lakhs per year whereas an experienced general surgeon can expect approximately Rs. 25 lakhs per year. A general surgeon with more than 20 years of experience can earn roughly Rs.30 lakhs. The above figures are an estimate and may vary from individual to individual and institute to institute.

Demand for General surgeon

General surgeons have high demand in various variety of work settings. They can find employment opportunities in the following sectors:

1. Clinic Practice – Setting up a private clinic has been a popular choice for many general surgeons. It has been so because it provides benefits to individual medical practitioners in many different ways, such as the advantage of having private ownership over the clinic, setting custom visiting hours, and charging fees on a convenience basis.

2.Government Job – There is also a huge demand for general surgeons in the public sector. This provides practitioners with reaching a broad spectrum of patients, which ultimately gives job satisfaction and high job security. Besides, they receive a good and standard salary along with other benefits.

3.Private Sector – India has been becoming a medical hub not only for domestic patients but also for international medical tourists as well. Many global hospital chains are highly in need of skilled and qualified general surgeons. They are willing to pay a handsome salary to a general surgeon. Some of these popular hospital chains consist of Max, Medanta, Fortis, Apollo Hospitals, and many more.Super-Specialization – General surgeons with a master’s degree have an opportunity to continue their education and pursue a super-specialty. Super-specialization courses generally take another three years. Super-specialty degree holders are preferred mostly by super-specialty hospitals.

Top Recruiters companies for the general surgeon :

The top recruiters for the general surgeons are mostly Hospitals, Medical Research Centres, and Pharmaceuticals, and many more. The list of recruiters for jobs for general surgeons are:

  • Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd
  • CK Birla hospital for women
  • Cribs Hospital
  • Medanta (medical institution)
  • Hiranandani hospital

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