How To Enhance Family Time During Self-Isolation

We face the most terrible period in our life for the first time. We heard and saw in the news about domestic violence, violence against the child, depression, anxiety, mental trauma regarding various jobs and internships, and many more. But we never throw light on the solution part. We all know we are depressed, but we don’t know how to cure. So, in this article, I gave some methods of self-isolation, if you follow. Even I follow these methods to Enhance Family Time During Self-Isolation since lockdown, and I saw tremendous results. You see the instant result in your moods, patience, self-confidence, and mainly self-growth.

These are the points to follow to enhance family time during self-isolation-:

1. We, people, are aggressive in certain circumstances and lose patience very easily. So in this do meditation, this term we heard from many mouths. But we are lazy; we don’t apply it in our routine. Suppose you keep aside your laziness and do meditation for about one hour. You see an instant result after one month, and you fall in love to do it daily. So, start with 15 minutes and gradually day-by-day increase and stop at 1 hour. If you don’t know how to meditate, learn on any YouTube channel. This solution is the cure for your topmost terrible problems regarding temper. You know your inner voice; this helps in your entire journey (what to do and what not to do). This is the solution to 80% of problems. If our mind is healthy, we are healthy.

2. We all get easily bored during self-isolation in lockdown. So, get rid of boredom, learn new skills or enhance your skills. We all have different and professional courses in Coursera, Udemy, and YouTube. Thus, don’t waste your time on friends if you want to become something like Elon Musk and recommend you see or read his biography about becoming CEO of three famous companies. Just go through his entire journey so that you can motivate and set your goals. I also advise you to repeat your thoughts regarding goals daily and watch the result of your action.

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If you patiently follow the above two points and don’t easily lose your temper against children. The self-isolation period is the best time to know your children and spend family time about their dreams and interests. You can also make some memorable time with your family. If you lose your job, this is not the end of the world. Gain skill and fight back.

Therefore in this article, we learn mainly how to control our mood because personality is directly linked with moods. Thus, individuality also. This all results in our family.

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